Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lighthouse by Rylan

A tall thin lighthouse stood on a big cliff. It was a dark cold night. There was a town under the cliff. Every time the yellow glowing beam came around the townies cheered. The old man was annoyed from all the loud noises slams the window shut. The window flew opened the candle went out. The light from the lighthouse light stopped going. The old man got off his chair and fell over. he got back up and ran up the stairs. He looked at the machine. Everything was not going. He went up the other stairs and opened the light bulb. He heard a ships horn. It was going ‘Honk, honk.’ He looked at the town and then he raced down the steps and opened the door. There were heaps of townies going to the lighthouse to see what was happening. They all went onto the lighthouse. The boat turned around hear the sharp pointy rocks. The old man lived happily ever after.

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