Wednesday, 27 August 2014

La Luna by Rylan

A little boy, his dad and his grandad had a boys day out. they had to row the old wooden boat. The moon came out and the dad pulled out a wooden ladder. The little boy climbed up the ladder. His dad told him to take the anchor. He got to the top of the ladder and floated up on to the moon. The stars are like shiny gold. The little boy stuck the anchor in a hole on the moon. A little shooting star came out of no where and landed on the moon. he was going to grab the star but his dad asked him to help him to get up the ladder. They went to an old wooden shed and got the brooms out. They started to clean the moon. The dad gave him the broom and his grandad told him to use a mop. The boy was didn’t know what to use. He decided to use a rack to clean up the stars.

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